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Five things to consider before choosing your hair transplant surgeon

The most important aspect of hair transplant/surgery is the consultation and pre-operation. These are the 5 things that you need to consider before you consult or do a transplant with a particular surgeon.

1. Ask, Who are some of the other top surgeons? The reason that you should ask this question is that anyone who is confident in their own business, in their own ability should have the confidence to point you in the direction of other surgeons. Reason being that this is a surgeon/doctor and it shouldn’t be focused only on the sale, it should be about giving great results. If you went to see any other doctors, in this case, a dermatologist, they would be open to point to other dermatologists that you might also want to check in to. But for some reason with hair transplant surgeries, they won’t let go of their customer because of the business aspect.

2. Always make sure or ask if your hair transplant doctor is board certified. Always make sure the clinic you choose specializes only in surgical hair restoration: There are a lot of cosmetic surgeons that also do hair transplants. Be wary of the clinics that do multiple services in regards to hair transplant.

3. Always make sure to see hundreds of videos and photos.  Make sure you see 1 surgery, 2 surgery, and if possible even 3 surgery results. BEFORE and AFTER doesn’t mean anything. You need to know what the BEFORE was and how many surgeries it took to get to AFTER. See in person results whenever possible. Also, see to it that you ask the person who has done it and see if their story corroborates with the clinics that they advise.

4. Avoid paying by the graft. Paying by the graft is a great way for the clinic to set you up for a large number of tiny grafts that will require multiple procedures to get a result. If you’re going to pay by the amount of tissue make sure you know the approximate “route” they are taking so they don’t go too low outside the “safe zone” of donor’s hair. When it comes to pricing, you need to compare apples to apples. How much tissue or graft are you getting? If you visit a hair restoration clinic, get an evaluation, and are quoted a price, you should expect a few follow-up emails or calls to check back and see if you have any more questions. If you start to get hammered with sales calls asking if you want to have surgery right away, and the price starts to drop, use extreme caution. These operations are only looking at revenue and are desperate. For some reason, they are under extreme pressure to “sell you” a hair transplant. Extreme pressure and a very expensive life-changing decision are NOT a good mix!

5. Make sure you choose a hair transplant surgeon that offers all the latest types of procedures. FUE, FUT, and PRP. Do not choose a doctor that only offers one specific technique.  This is a red flag and a top hair doctor should be able to perform the different procedures offered in the industry.  Also, DO NOT underestimate the experience of the staff. This is an extremely labor intensive procedure and requires years of experience to be done properly. The staff that works with the surgeon need to have a good experience and they are regularly doing this stuff.

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