Partner, Partnership


Dofody works with leading hospitals, experienced doctor’s, nurses, diagnostic centers and others to improve health outcomes for patients as well as profitability for our partners.

hospital, pathway For Hospitals 

Hospitals, Clinics, Poly Clinics, can partner with us the following services.

  • Specialist online doctor consultations
  • Customized home care for patients
  • Follow-up doctor consultations
  • Post-hospitalization recovery programs at home
  • Electronic medical records


doctor, assistant For Doctors

Doctor’s can offer the following services by partnering with Dofody.

  • Online doctor consultation
  • Follow-up consultations
  • Electronic medical records of patients




Businessman, investor For Investors

We are looking to scale Dofody and for that we need investments.                      Dofody Solutions is registered as a Private Limited Company and we have built this product in 6 months. Our Road map and business plan are clearly defined.



Collaboration, partner Others

  • Partner with us for medical equipment rentals, laboratory, and diagnostic services, etc.
  • Collaborate with us for branding, PR or media opportunities.





Leave us an e-mail at [email protected] for further discussion. 

Looking forward to a wonderful partnership with you!



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