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9 Health Hacks to Stay Healthy in India | Proven Health Tips to Prevent Diseases | Video


Hey, what’s up! Dr. Prasoon here. An average Indian spends around thirty-three thousand rupees for his health expenses. staying healthy in India is a challenge and in this video I have some tips for you. which will keep you healthy, protect you from infections and even diseases like cancers.
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#1 Your food
Eat at restaurants and hotels only if you have no other options. the best thing is to cook your own food and when you cook your own food make sure that you wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly in running water after keeping them soaked in a solution containing one teaspoon of baking soda for at least 15 to 20 minutes.
This will make sure that 98% of pesticides and other harmful chemicals are cleared of them. Avoid fruit juices which you buy from local shops, avoid buying bakery items, sweet items and gifting such items to your loved ones. Making your food a healthy one is the first step that you should be doing, and these tips will make sure that the food that you are eating is a healthy one.
#2  exercise exercise and exercise
Exercise at least for 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Exercise not only keeps you healthy and fit, it also boosts your immunity, keeps you protected from infections, reduces your stress level, keeps you focused and prevents you from heart diseases and strokes. so if you haven’t started exercising already, start it right now.
make this a Newyear resolution, and if you want help to get started with your exercises you can find a video which I’ve already made, you can find it here.
#3 drink enough and plenty of water
boiling water
Water is the elixir of life. it not only keeps your metabolism at required level, it also boosts your immunity, prevents you from dehydration, helps in the digestion process and makes you feel energetic throughout the day. When you drink water, make sure that the water that you’re drinking is the boiled and filtered water.
#4 keep those mosquitoes away
Mosquitoes spread several diseases and most of them are dangerous. you can easily stay away from diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya by using mosquito nets, mosquito repellents and using protective clothes. Keep your surroundings and home clean and tidy. Please do not provide a breeding place for the mosquitoes by allowing water to stand in your surroundings in your neighborhood.
#5 Get the vaccines
vaccinate your child. vaccinated babies and there are even vaccines which are available for adults. Vaccines such as human papillomavirus. vaccine will protect you from cervical cancer, hepatitis B vaccine will protect you from liver cancer and flu accents (influenza vaccines) will protect you from pneumonia and influenza virus infections. tetanus toxoid. this is a famous vaccine which most Indians take when they get an injury. Do not hesitate from giving vaccines to your child because this is the best thing that you can provide your child to protect against infections.
#6 Reduce alcohol intake
photo of alcoholic person
It’s a common myth, that alcohol will kill the germs in your body. no! it actually doesn’t. On the other hand what alcohol does is that, it makes you vulnerable to more infections. It lowers the temperature in your body making you prone to more infections. When you do that along with reducing the alcohol intake.
If you are a smoker quit it completely, and if you have other abusive habits such as chewing pan stop it right now. I have already made a video on the right amount of alcohol that you can take safely to prevent you from heart diseases. if you haven’t watched it already please do it right now.
#7 keep your personal hygiene at the highest levels
washing hand
Every single day wash your hands before eating, before cooking, before feeding your child, after visiting the washroom wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, particularly when you come back from an outdoor visit and keep your phones disinfected. yeah, you heard it right. your phone particularly if it is a touchscreen phone has been found to contain the most number of bacteria which is commonly found in poop. You keep your phones on your table you touch it very frequently and you do not clean it. So disinfect it very frequently using spirit or other commonly available antiseptic solutions such as Detoll or savlon.
Here is a Malayalam video on how to kill the germs on your mobile phones.
You should also be brushing your teeth twice a day. this is also very important to prevent you from a hacked load of diseases.
#8 keep your stress levels at a minimum
Try practicing yoga, meditate for five or ten minutes every single day, try reading some books or listening to music whichever habit suits you. lowering your stress goes a long way to keep you healthy.
#9 Self-medication
don’t take any medicines without asking or consulting your doctor. India is one such country where you can get any medicine from a local pharmacy or a medical shop without any prescription from the doctor. Taking medicines such as antibiotics makes you resistant to antibiotic. It will also destroy the friendly bacteria in your intestines leading to diseases such as diarrhea and indigestion. Do not ask the medical shop guide for medicines and medical help and instead always consult your doctor before you take any kind of medicines. Even the vitamin supplements that you take without a prescription is not recommended. Did you know that, all the vitamin supplements that you are taking you are actually flushing your money in your toilet? because literally all these vitamins are excreted in urine and you finally end up flushing those vitamins in the toilet.
So if you have any doubts and if you want to take any medicines for your health condition, always consult doctors and you can do that easily by Downloading the Dofody app from the Google Play Store. you can communicate with doctors using chat, audio calls and video call by sitting in your home itself. So I hope you like this video. These 9 tips will keep you away from many diseases including cancers. So I really hope you like this one, please consider sharing this video with your friends and family. I will see you in the next video, Its me Dr. prasoon. signing off, take care, stay healthy and thank you so much for watching.

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