Covaxin vs Covishield

Covishield vs Covaxin | Which Covid Vaccine is Best for You? | Video

Hai guys, I am Doctor prasoon. The government of India has distributed two vaccines. The Covaxin and other one is Covishield. I have already made a video about Covishield, if you haven’t watch the video, click here to watch that video. In this video, I am talking the difference between Covaxin and Covishield. This video will help you to make a decision about your Covid vaccination plan. If you know about the vaccine thoroughly,  you can choose the suitable vaccine for you and, and the loved ones. So, let’s get started, Welcome back to Dofody!


Covishield Vaccine

Covishield is a Recombinant vaccine made with viral vector technology. As i said in past videos, the viral vector technology is not a new innovation. We have already used this technology to make other vaccines also. But, Pfizer vaccine is made with new technology called MRNA technology. I have already made another video that compares both vaccines. Click here to watch the Malayalam video on the differences between Covishield vaccine and Pfizer vaccine.

But today we are comparing about Bharath biotech’s Covaxin, an Indian made vaccine and Covishied, made by Astra Zeneca pharmaceutical company in association with Serum Institute of India.

As I said before, in the Covishield vaccine, they used recombinant and viral vector technology and it contains the live virus. So, the immunity is better than Covaxin. 

But, Covaxin is an inactivated vaccine. Inactivated means, they will use complete virus but they will inactivate the whole virus content. As it is inactivated, the vaccine will not have any serious effects on our body to produce an active infection.

There is another example for the inactivated vaccine, that’s IPV, Inactivated Polio Vaccine. Polio oral vaccine is a live vaccine. But, IPV (Inactivated Polio Vaccine) which is given as an injection, is an example of inactivated vaccine. This vaccine is made with inactivated virus, and it is the same vaccine that is given to children before their 1st birthday.

So, When we compare Covishied with Covaxin, Covaxin has less immune response than Covishied. But It’s not a negative side, it has some other good advantages also, we will discuss it later. In case of the number of doses in a vial, Covishield vaccine has 10 doses and Covaxin on the other hand has 20 doses in one vial. Both Covishield and Covaxin are administered intramuscularly, that is in your muscles! The upper Deltoid muscle in your shoulder to be precise. Both these vaccines are given as 0.5ml injections in one dose and 2 such shots, 28 days apart are required for both.

You will get the proper immunity two weeks after taking the second dose of the vaccine. Both vaccines are not given to pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mothers, and children below 18 years. This is Because there is No study or clinical trial data conducted on the safety of the vaccine for these groups of persons.

Then, If you are wondering whether you’ll be able to take the vaccine when you have a fever or cough, the answer is yes! I have already made a video about this, Click here to watch the Malayalam video

Only these two vaccines are supplying by the Indian government in India. Covaxin got Emergency approval before completing their 3rd clinical phase study, But that is not the reason for ignore the vaccine. The health care workers will get the vaccine first. 

One thing that you should always remember is that you should get the same brand of vaccine for the first and second doses!. Covaxin has a little bit less immunity but Covaxin have some merits also. 

The vaccine is really safe for above 50 aged persons, liver disease patients, heart disease patients, and even HIV and immuno-compramised persons. But some nwere studies also shows that persons who are on long term steroid treatment and those who are taking Chloroquine, antiboidiy response after taking Covaxin will be slightly less than normal persons.

You can find all my vaccine-related videos in a playlist. Click here to watch the Playlist. If you have any doubts about this video, feel free to ask in the comment section. If you like this video, Like, Share, and  Please don’t forget to subscribe the channel. See you in the next video, I am Dr. Prasoon, Take care, stay healthy, and Thank you for watching.

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