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How did the Doctor Save their Marriage from a Divorce?

This is the story of a couple who were married for 12 years and were on the edge of divorce.
Let’s call them Bob and Kate. I have changed the names 😀 for obvious reasons!

Now everything in their newly married life was good except for the intimate occasions. Kate had pain, so she feared it,  and Bob didn’t even bother to hurt her. He was busy in his own world, but Kate was not happy! 
Weeks and months of unhappiness knocked off their relationship like a domino. They were standing on the brink of divorce notice.
It was Bob’s friend Ron who suggested he consult me!

Then one day Bob booked an online consultation with me, after their third counseling session with a Psychologist. Money and mind were not their problems.
I referred them to our sexual medicine expert and within 6 weeks, their marriage was saved!
A single consultation with the expert identified their problems and the remaining sessions in the package we’re to coach them to deal with the problem and prevent it in the future.

Today, Bob and Kate are living with their 3-year-old daughter happily..

This is a true incident and is happening in our world. The sad part is that nobody likes to talk about sexual problems.

This is why we launched the “Sexual medicine” package on Dofody 3 months ago.

Nine families have already subscribed to this package .

If you know someone in your family or friends circle with this kind of problem, help them save their marriage by forwarding this email.

To learn more about the Sexual medicine package, click here.

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