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How COVID-19 & You Can Protect your Children From Catching Infections & Cold at School | Video | Doctor Prasoon

Hey what’s up, I am doctor Prasoon here! COVID-19 has brought with it many stages to our world and schooling at home or small children is only one among them. But, this change has helped to protect children from the common cold and other infections that they otherwise get from their school.

We are in the process o unlocking now and it won’t take long for schools to reopen. once that happens, you should be ready and prepared to protect your children from the common infection including COVID-19

It is a well-known fact that when you send your small child or your preschooler to attend a play class or a preschool, they catch infections very easily, and the most common source of infection for them are other children in play class who carry infection or who carry an infective organism. So what are the ways to prevent an infection in your little one? That’s coming up in this video, this is Dofody, the best online doctor consultation platform in India, so let’s get started with this video. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, please do it right now and when you do that please click on the bell icon, so that you do not miss out on our future videos. So what are the things that you can do as a parent to prevent infection in your small child?

The first thing that you should note is that if your child is already suffering from a cold, the flu, a small cough, it is always better not to send that child to the play class or the preschool. This is because the chances of other children who are healthy to catch an infection from your child is very high, and as a parent yourself it is your responsibility to save other children who are studying with your child. When your child has a nasty cold or the flu, make sure that he or she gets adequate rest at home itself and Courage him to drink plenty of fluids and give the proper medicines after consulting a pediatrician.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that, most of the infections in small children are caused by viruses and not by bacterias, and antibiotics have no role in controlling an infection that are caused due to viruses. So please do not ask or insist on prescribing antibiotics from your doctor. Because antibiotics can work by only killing and stopping the growth of bacterias and not viruses. When you’re sick child is at home, make sure that he or she is isolated from other children and from other persons in the home. After your child heals from the sickness, make sure that you disinfect the toys, the clothes the bedspreads, the towels and all the other inanimate objects that your child has come in contact with.

Another important thing that you should ensure is that your child is properly vaccinated till the correct age. Most of the vaccines which are available right now are very much effective in preventing infections in your child, and as a parent, it is the best thing that you can provide your child to protect against all the dangerous infections, now these are the things that you should do as a parent. Now what if you are a teacher or a caretaker at the playschool or the preschool, You have some responsibilities too when it comes to preventing cross infections among children.

If you find out that a child is suffering from a nasty cold or the flu, inform the parent and ask the parent to come and take back the child and then advise a parent to send the child to the school only when the infection is completely healed. If you find a child who is suffering from a cold or a runny nose, make sure that that child is not engaging and not interacting with other healthy children. Because the chances of spreading the infection from this child to other children are very high when they come into close contact.

Disinfect the toys, the books, pencils, the whiteboard, the benches, the tables, the chairs and all the other inanimate objects at the play class very frequently. So, these microorganisms do not spread from one child to another from these nonliving objects. In case you are taking care of a child who is sick, make sure that you use antiseptic solutions such as hand rubs and follow a proper hand-washing routine. So that the infection does not spread from your hand to another healthy child. So these were some of the simple tips with which you can prevent infection in your child, prevent an infection from going into a systemic infection so that you can save a lot of money and time which might be required for otherwise and hospital admission for intravenous antibiotics and for other medicines.

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