Dofody in palliative home care.

Let’s imagine a scenario where a 70 year old Mr Rajan who is a retired principal and stroke patient for last 7 years. He has a retired life and enjoys life with his grandchildren despite restrictions from his local doctor to not stress much. But one night  as he was being taken to the bathroom  for a shower he falls down and suffers major head injury. He was immediately rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. The emergency department physician after carefully examining the patient, advised the family to admit him for further treatment. A CT scan of his head shows massive bleeding inside his head, the chances of recovery were limited. After 2 weeks of treatment at the hospital, Mr Rajan shows no sign of any recovery and was in comatose . The  doctor advised to not treat the patient further in the hospital as the condition of the patient is severe. Despite the disheartening news from the emergency physician the family accepted the advise and took the patient back  home.

Someone from the family heard about Dofody and they decided to give one last try . After downloading the app from google play store and following the necessary instructions. After making the payment and within 10 minutes they were directed to a doctor, who advised them to not take the patient to hospitals anymore and instead consult a palliative medicine/care. Fortunately Dofody is tied-up with palliative doctors who are specialised in such cases. And under the advice of palliative doctor, the  doctor said that the patient would have only couple of weeks to live in the present condition. So the palliative doctors/caretakers were able to  handle the physical, psychological and social needs of the patient before he passed away. The patients family was grateful to Dofody app, as they had no idea as to what to do in such matters.


However bad the situation is, Dofody can help you diagnose or track health issues with an easy to use app. The app can be downloaded from google play store and can be setup in a few minutes. After filling up the necessary registration formalities, you are good to go. Dofody is just as easy to use like any other social media communication apps . Minimalist and efficient, Dofody can help, assist and can also have a 2nd opinion from our doctors. Dofody is  great at which it can save a lot of time, as in today’s busy world where everyone is trying to get groceries, meeting deadlines, avoiding traffic, getting kids from school, taking care of grandparents are a daily hassle. Dofody relieves this stress on people as well as on patients. Our doctors on Dofody are certified and well trained for any medical assistance , as they are as reliable and more efficient than a clinic or a hospital visit.

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