Mental problems/issues we treat

Bi-polar disorder

When we hear about mental illness(s), many of us feel unhappy or uneasy because we do not try to understand that there are other illnesses like mental illness(s). Just like a heart or kidney, the brain is also an organ and when it does not function or respond in a manner that the brain should, … Read more Mental problems/issues we treat

How is the Doctor going to examine me online?

online doctor consultation dofody

You might have called your family doctor or the doctor friend to get some medical advice in the past. You call them, tell them about your health problems, they will ask you some more questions and then finally text you the names of some medicines and instructions on how to take them. At that time, … Read more How is the Doctor going to examine me online?

Dofody in palliative home care.

Let’s imagine a scenario where a 70 year old Mr Rajan who is a retired principal and stroke patient for last 7 years. He has a retired life and enjoys life with his grandchildren despite restrictions from his local doctor to not stress much. But one night  as he was being taken to the bathroom … Read more Dofody in palliative home care.

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