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Consultation packages

One of the major problems in single consultation is the inability to follow up 

76% of Doctors say that a follow-up consultation is required but it never happens.

This problem can be solved when you subscribe to a Doctor’s package. 

There will be more consultations, and your Doctor will contact you for the follow-up, and it usually lasts for a minimum of 1 month and in some cases up to 6 months. 

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Video Call 

Your chosen doctor will call you back when he receives the consultation request. Please make sure that your phone is turned on, connected to the internet, and that it is not in “silent” mode. It works better than any video call that you have made because Dofody uses cutting-edge technology to make the video calls meet the highest quality with crisp audio.  

If for any reason, the call gets dropped, we will make sure that you will get another call from the same doctor within 24 hours.

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Audio call  audio call icon

Your phone will ring just like a normal call would, except that it will display the name of the doctor to who you have sent the consultation request. As Dofody audio calls work through the internet, please make sure that your phone is connected to it, and is not in the “silent” mode.

Just like video calls, we will make sure that if the call gets dropped accidentally, you will get another call from the same doctor till the whole consultation goes through!

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There’s no need to teach a fish to swim, right? Chatting with your doctor on Dofody will be just another routine for you! It works, in real-time, dynamically, and seamlessly. But, don’t expect to get the replies instantly! Your doctor will reply only when she is free to use her phone, open up the Dofody app and then type the message for you. Don’t worry, every chat consultation has 3 days’ validity and so you can be assured that your doubts will be cleared satisfactorily.

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NOTE: If you have chosen your favorite doctors for video, audio or chat consultations, kindly note that each doctor has different times and days that they have made available for online consultations. Kindly see the doctors available timings before making the consultation request. If your doctor insists on a physical examination or asks you to visit a local hospital, it would be wise not to misjudge their decisions!


 Disclaimer: In no circumstances shall the services offered by Dofody doctors be used in emergency situations.


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