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7 Reasons Why Your Monthly Menstrual Period is Getting Delayed | Video

Hi friends, I’m Dr. Prasoon. Women have been getting super anxious for the last couple of months, especially since the COVID Lockdown, because their menstrual periods are getting delayed. There are 7 common reasons why menstruation can be delayed. So, if you have been searching for the reasons behind your periods getting delayed! You have reached the right place! I ‘m talking about this topic in today’s article. Welcome to Dofody. Let’s get started.

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#1 The first and foremost cause is nothing else, but pregnancy itself. Especially You are a woman in the reproductive age group, if you are sexually active pregnancy is something you should rule-out. Feeling pain when touching the breasts, the breasts feeling enlarged, or if you feel like vomiting, after missing your period, a urine pregnancy test is the first thing that you should do. A Urine pregnancy test kit (UPT) is easily available. You can buy it from a medical shop and try it at home.

#2 The second reason is mental stress. Especially caused by the fear of coronavirus and anxiety.

“Will the coronavirus infect me?” “Will it affect anyone in my family?” This kind of questions in your mind can easily make you stressed! This can also delay your period. I made a Malayalam video on how you can manage stress. Your happiness, your mental status everything depends on that. In the same way, your monthly periods also depends on how you manage and cope with stress.

#3 Third reason could be medical, something related to your health! If there is something wrong with your reproductive organs, it can affect your monthly periods. It could be ovarian cystic disease, thyroid problems, it could be an increase or decrease in thyroid hormone production, something termed as “hyperthyroidism” or “hypothyroidism”.
Even a small cough, cold, and fever can alter and delay your monthly periods. Diarrhea and problems related to digestion can also be the reason. So even if you have minor symptoms of this kind of illness, consult your Dofody doctor and clear your questions with them. Treating the illness first will correct your next monthly menstrual period.

#4 Fourth reason could be the sudden change in your work-life timings. Ever since the start of lockdown, several ladies have been working from home itself. This has in turn made drastic changes to the working hours and timings. Traveling to work is now a thing of the past and most often, working hours overlap into your personal life. A sudden change in your work-life balance could be one reason why your period is getting delayed than usual.

#5 It could be the medicines that you are taking. Antibiotics, medicines for fever, cough, cold, hormone replacement medicines, oral contraceptive pills, intrauterine contraceptive devices like Copper-T, medicines containing steroids, medicines for psychiatric and mental disorders, all these types of medicines have side effects and drug interactions. These can alter the estrogen-progesterone balance in your body and this could be one of the main reasons why your monthly period is getting delayed. So, if you are taking such medicines for a long time, talk to your Dofody online doctor on whether you should continue taking it or not!

#6 Sixth point is about your body weight, your lifestyle, and other habits. Women who eat without any control, those who are overweight and obese, those who do not exercise are at high risk for having abnormal monthly periods. Similarly, strenuous exercise and workouts can also be a reason. Many ladies who had not started physical exercise have now started it, thanks to the lockdown due to Covid-19! Malnutrition and eating less food can also be the culprit. So don’t be at the extremes! Don’t be overweight or underweight.

#7 Menopause or premenopause, the time when your monthly periods come to a natural end could be the reason behind your delayed periods. Usually, it’s close to 45 years of age when menopause sets in. But, for some women, it can go up to 50 or even 55 years! So, if your age is around that range, and if you are taking any kind of medicines or supplements, that could be the culprit. It is very easy to get anxious at these times.

The mere thought of nearing menopause can make many ladies stressed and that in turn can delay their otherwise normal menstrual cycle. Calcium and other hormonal supplements can help women in this age group. So, talk to your Dofody doctor to find out if you need such medical treatment or not!

So ladies, those were the 7 common reasons why your monthly menstrual periods might be getting delayed lately. As most persons think, pregnancy is not the only reason why this can happen. So, just evaluate your health status by going through these reasons and try to find out your specific problem. If you need personalized help, you can always chat, audio, or video call with our Dofody doctors using our Dofody app, anytime and from anywhere, without visiting a hospital!

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