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Here’s the Final Secret Reason, Why I Prefer Online Consultations

I believe you started the New Year with a blast! 😄 I have made some more new year’s resolutions, mainly to bring a little more discipline into my life.
Discipline helps makes me healthy, it makes me stay focused and it always makes sure that I complete all the tasks that I am supposed to do.
I’ll talk more about the new year’s resolution later, alright?

Now, let me tell you the third and final reason why I prefer doing online consultations. If you missed the first and second reasons, you can find it by clicking the respective links.

I have a problem with my eyesight. It was diagnosed 6 years ago and now, my eyesight is pretty poor.
I have difficulty reading, writing, and doing all the work that I used to do before this eye condition was diagnosed. It’s a rare retinal degenerative condition for which no treatment is available right now.
So, how do I help patients with such an eye condition?
Modern technology has so many accessibility tools and software which I can use and that’s another reason why I founded Dofody in the first place!
Screen readers and voice-over technology enable me to help any patient easily online.
Only my close friends and family members know this secret
I feel more comfortable talking to patients online, maybe because I’m an introvert!

Dofody makes it easier for me to communicate with patients and send them lifestyle prescriptions when compared to traditional doctor consultations.

But now, Dofody is not just about me! There are more than 150 active doctors who are providing online consultations through Dofody. More than 100,000 users have used Dofody and found it helpful! 🙌

So, there you go..
Now you know all the reasons why I as a doctor prefer online consultations.

What are your thoughts about online doctor consultations? I am eager to know your opinion. You can leave a comment below this post!

P.S : Don’t share my secret with your friends 🤫 😊

I’ll talk to you soon. bye for now

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