How to add medical records in Dofody?


STEP 1:  After typing in the URL on the address bar of your browser. Click “Login”.

login, dofody

STEP 2:  Select “User Login

After selecting, type in e-mail address and password and click “Sign In” as seen below.

STEP 3:  After Signing in  you’ll be at your homepage as seen below. Click on “Medical records”.

homepage, profile, medical records

STEP 4:  After selecting “Medical records”  choose “Records” on the left panel, and it will carry forward through medical records page.

homepage, profile, records

STEP 5:  Click “Add record”.

add record

STEP 6: An “ADD RECORD”  will pop up, asking you to fill in the details.

Add record, Pop up

Select member”. If you have a member other than your member select it from the drop down if not please use this link.

STEP 7:  Select a record type from the drop down lists as mentioned above. In case of “Prescription” fill in the notes from the previous consultation that you had with a doctor or clinic. In case of “Lab tests” fill notes such as blood count, blood pressure, cholesterol etc. “Scan reports” mean that the reports received from a hospital or diagnostics for consultations such as brain, lungs etc. “Electronic medical record” is a record which is in soft copy or in digital format.

add record, record type

STEP 8: Click “Add”.

add record, type, sign

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