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Hey, what’s up! Dr. Prasoon here. you might have heard about the keto diet and I already made a video about keto diet. If you have watched that video about keto diet you will find that I will not recommend keto diet for any of my patients for weight loss. so the next question is which diet is recommended by doctors?
The answer is “Dash diet”. Have you heard about the Dash diet? In this video I will be talking everything that you need to know about the Dash diet. This is dofody. The best online doctor consultation platform in India. so let’s  get started with this video.If you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, please do it right now, and when you do that please click on the bell icon so that you do not miss out on any of our future videos.
Dash diet is “D A S H” and it stands for Dietary Approaches to stop hypertension. Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure. I have made several videos on high blood pressure and you can find the links to all those videos in the description box below.
Now if you are thinking that the Dash diet is useful only for persons who are suffering from high blood pressure? you are mistaken. Because if you strictly follow the Dash diet, you can not only keep your blood pressure in the normal range, It will also help you prevent diabetes, control your blood sugar keep it in the normal range, prevent obesity, prevent heart diseases including heart attacks, stroke paralysis and the best thing is that this diet is very easy to follow.
The number of changes that you need to make a small compared to a keto diet. The Dash diet was first proposed by a US based Institute called the “National Heart Lung and Blood Institute”. In short the Dash diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and whole grains. It includes fish, meat, nuts, beans and poultry. and it is limited in sugar-containing beverages. sugar-containing drinks. sweets added fat and red meat.
So what are the advantages of following a Dash diet? Dash diet will help you lose weight, it will prevent obesity, it will help you keep your blood pressure in the normal range, it will help you keep your blood sugar in the normal range, it will prevent diabetes, it will prevent high cholesterol levels as the diet itself is low in saturated fats, it will prevent heart diseases. such as heart attacks, cardiomyopathy it will also prevent from stroke, paralysis and arthritis.
several surveys conducted in the United States have found that Dash diet is the most preferred diet among the adult population. Now why he said so! This is mainly because of the reason that the number of changes that you need to bring to your current diet is very minimal and very low, and compared to other popular diets such as the keto diet. Now let us have a closer look at the DASH diet. what are the food items that you need to be taking more to make it a Dash diet.
Now these include four points. fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low dairy fat products. an Indian diet is mostly composed of carbohydrates. we consume almost 80 percent of carbohydrates in our diet, whether it be rice or Rotis. Just think for a moment what did you have for your lunch today! how much fruits and vegetables did you eat yesterday! In order to make your diet a Dash diet, you have to first increase the quantity of fruits and vegetables, You have to take at least four servings of fruits and vegetables whether it be raw fresh or cooked vegetables. When you choose fruits, make sure that you are going for seasonal fruits only. Don’t make fruit juices out of fruits and instead prefer them having fresh and sliced. Try to include more whole grains into your diet, instead of going for refined and processed wheat or rice, switch over to brown rice and whole grains. I have already made a video on brown rice and the difference between white rice and brown rice and I highly recommend you to watch that video.
Low-fat dairy products include milk and other milk products, don’t go for milk which contains cream don’t go for skimmed milk and try to avoid cheese as much as possible. You can also have fish, meat, poultry, nuts and beans. If you have worried about increasing your cholesterol level after taking one egg a day, just relax it is completely okay even if you take one full egg including one-yolk every day. You should also take fish, at least 150  to 200 grams every week. Instead of frying them make a curry of fish or meat, steam it or grill it and if you are a vegetarian person consider taking omega-3 supplements. Now when you increase these items in your daily diet, you will be getting more calcium more magnesium and more potassium.
Now what are the food items that you should be decreasing or lowering in your diet to make it a Dash diet. The first component that you should be lowering is sodium. Sodium is the main component of salt and it is said that an average Indian consumes around 6 grams of salt every single day. Lower the salt intake to less than 3 grams per day, and you should be just fine. It is not advisable to avoid sodium altogether in your diet, because sodium is needed to maintain the normal blood pressure level. Avoid food items which are rich in salt such as processed foods, canned foods, pickles, puppets and those food items which comes in a packet containing preservatives. The next item that you should be lowering is sugar. All the bakery items and sweets that we consume in India has added sugar in it and it is always better to lower that kind of food items. You can have it once or twice in a week, but not every single day. You should also be lowering added fats. Reduce the consumption of cooking oil whether it be coconut oil or mustard oil whichever all that you are using you have to lower it. Switch over to healthier options such as olive oil.
Another important thing that you should be lowering is the amount of alcohol that you drink. I have already made a video on this topic and you can find the link to that video in the description box. Apart from these simple changes you can continue whatever food items that you have been having. Always keeping your mind to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables as much as possible, because the Indian diet that we are having now is lacking fruits and vegetables and increasing the volume of fruits and vegetable alone will go a long way to converting your diet into a healthy Dash diet.
So, that’s one of the best diet that doctors have to recommend, and I will also recommend this diet to my patients. I know you will be having more questions regarding Diet diet. If you have any more questions please leave it as a comment below. If you really like this video please consider sharing it with your friends and family. I will see you in the next one it is me Dr.Prasoon. signing off take care stay healthy and thank you so much for watching English

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