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1. Is Online Doctor Consultation legal?

Yes, it is perfectly legal in India! Till Covid-19, everyone was skeptical about the legality of online doctor consultations. But, on March 25, 2020 Neeti Ayog along with the Medical Council of India, published the regulations for practicing Telemedicine in India. We at Dofody were already adhering to these guidelines from April 2019 , the day we launched our platform!

You can read the telemedicine guidelines here.

2. When will the doctor call me?

The time is taken for the doctor to respond to your call actually depends upon the type of consultation request that you have selected. In the case where you have ‘Chosen a doctor’ for the consultation, It is assumed that you have sent the request to the particular doctor after looking up his available consultation hours. For eg: If the doctor is available for online consultation only from 5 pm to 7 pm on Wednesdays and if you have sent a request to him on 9 am Wednesday, he will be responding to your consultation request only after 5 pm.

3. What should I do if the doctor fails to contact me even after 24 hours of making the consultation request?

You can request a refund by opening the ‘Settings’ page in your Dofody App and filling up the form in the ‘Request Refund’ page.

4. How should I decide which specialty doctor can help me?

Simply select a General Physician doctor for the consultation. Our GP doctor will guide you to choose the right specialty doctor.

5. The call dropped when the doctor was advising me, what should I do?

Don’t worry, the duration of the calls in Dofody is up to 3 days and be assured that the doctor will call you back within in few minutes. If you don’t receive the second call from the same doctor within 2 hours, kindly contact our customer support.

6. How should I send the new medical record to the doctor whom I am chatting with?

Simply go to ‘Medical Records’, then add a Medical record depending upon the type of medical record. For eg: it could be either a ‘Lab Report’, ‘Scan Report’, ‘Old Prescription’ or an ‘EMR’. The doctor will be notified when you have added a new medical record. Only the doctor with whom you are chatting now will be able to view the medical record that you uploaded.

7. Can all the Dofody doctors see my medical records?

No, your medical records are accessible to only those doctors whom you have consulted in the past or with whom you are consulting right now.

8. Are my medical records safe?

Of course, your medical records and all your medical data are stored in a secure environment in the cloud which is not accessible to anyone else. To clear all your doubts, we have written a blog article on the safety of your medical records. Please do check it out.

9. Are my medical records accessible to the employees at Dofody?

No, Dofody knows how sensitive your medical records are. We have no access to it, nor we intend to access it anytime in the future.

10. How to book a doctor’s appointment on Dofody?

After visiting the doctor’s profile see the “Next available appointment” time. Choose the day and time which is comfortable for you. Then, decide the mode of communication, i.e, chat, video, or voice call. After making the payment, your appointment will be confirmed by the doctor.

11. Should I ask for a prescription for every consultation?

You will receive a prescription only if the doctor thinks he can treat your condition satisfactorily with a medical prescription. In other cases, you can ask any number of questions regarding your health concern to your doctor and get his expert medical advice. For medicine refills, and for long-standing chronic diseases getting a medical prescription from your doctor would be easy.

12. Will the doctor be able to call me after one day of making the consultation request?

Yes, in case of audio calls, the doctor will be able to call you for up to 3 days from the time you created the consultation request. But, in the case of video calls, you will have to send another consultation request to the doctor.

13. What if my question is still unanswered?

You can always drop us a mail or contact our customer support. Someone from our team will get in touch with you at the earliest. We have a facebook group where someone from our team will be always active and ready to help you anytime. You are welcome to ask your question there.

14. What types of payment options are available on Dofody?

You can use various payment options like Internet Banking, Debit/Credit card, Wallet, UPI, etc on Dofody.

15. How do we select Doctors on Dofody?

You can search for a doctor based on their name, specialty, location, and even the languages they speak. Simply look for the magnifying lens (search) icon on your Dofody app

16. Does Dofody charge any additional fee other than the Doctor consulting fee?

No, Dofody does not charge any additional fee/payment from the Patient.

17. Can we use Dofody for any emergency medical conditions/situations?

No, Dofody cannot be used for any emergency medical conditions/situations. However, it can be used for urgent medical or health situations. Read this article on the various possibilities of consulting a Doctor online

18. Do we need to upload medical records/documents for every consultation we take?

No, you need only upload the medical records/documents only if its necessary /part of your Doctors consultation.

19. In what all cases/situations can Dofody be useful?

It is useful for consultations in non-emergency medical problems, second opinions, doing follow up consultations, seeking consultation after lab tests, etc. To find out the different possibilities where online consultation can be used effectively read this article.

20. How to upload medical records/documents on Dofody?

You can attach or take photos of the medical records/documents and upload it via “Upload Medical Record” on the home page of the Dofody app. You also have the option of attaching and uploading the medical records/documents via the website as well.

21. Can I consult Doctors through Dofody for my relatives as well?

Yes, you can make consultation requests for your relatives. You can add/create a profile for your relative by providing their personal and other details on the “Family Member” page on Dofody app or website.

22. How to use the ‘Chats’ section on Dofody?

Once a consultation request is completed, you can start a chat with the doctor to whom you have requested a consultation. You can chat with the doctor, upload relevant medical record/documents and once consultation is completed the chat section gets closed.

23. How do I get a refund, if the consultation is incomplete?

You will be refunded within 5 – 7 business days through the same payment mode in which you have paid for the consultation request.

24. Do I need an Internet connection for consulting a Doctor through Dofody?

Yes, an Internet connection is mandatory and must be ensured by the patient for consulting a Doctor via Dofody app. Once the Doctors receive a request from a patient, Doctors will only contact the patient through the mobile app only (Video, audio & Chat).

25. Will I get the contact number of the Doctor on Dofody?

No,  your Doctor’s number will not be displayed on your phone as they will be contacting you through the app or website. Only the Doctors name will be visible on your screen.

26. Is every Doctor’s fee different?

Yes, every Doctor’s fee is different and they are fixed or decided at the sole discretion of each Doctor.

27. Is it possible to store our medical records/documents on Dofody for future references?

Yes, you can store an unlimited number of medical records/documents on Dofody for free.

28. With one Consultation fee payment. how many consultation requests can I make on Dofody? 

Each Consultation requests need to be paid individually.

29. What happens in between a Doctor consultation, if my phone gets disconnected?

Your consulting Doctor will make an attempt to call you back or else you may request a refund on the settings option on the Dofody app.

30. Where else can I use the Dofody app?
You can use the app from anywhere in India. We are working hard to launch Dofody in other countries as well. To get updates on our new developments, subscribe to our newsletter now.
31. I am having difficulty in logging in to my account on Dofody? 
Make sure you are entering your email ID or phone number with which you have registered with Dofody. If you think you have forgotten the password, you can reset it on “Forgot your password?” option in the Login page itself. If you are still unable to login, please send us a mail at [email protected]
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